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The free-to-play parkour racing game that borrows the look, feel and play-style of Jet Set Radio Future will be borrowing a little something else from the game as well: the graffiti mode. Game Bridger announced that the game’s full release this May will include the Team Graffiti mode.

FreeJack is already a pretty cool game and a very original MMO in comparison to many other titles out there. The parkour elements are very original and are almost similar to Mirror’s Edge.

As for the Team Graffiti mode…the objective is for a team to gather up spray cans and spray paint the designated target before the other team. Of course, there will be power-ups available to thwart the opposing team, which will create all kinds of fun-filled chaos.

You can participate in the open beta, which is currently underway, by visiting theOfficial Website and downloading the full client.