Subscribe To FreeStyle Basketball Update Brings On New Character, Skills And Items Updates
GameKiss has updated the free-to-play, cel-shaded MMO basketball game, FreeStyle: Street Basketball. The new update features a brand new character called Mantis, new skills and new accessories to outfit your character with.

Mantis is a female athlete who plays center position, the buxom beauty is bound to keep eyes away from the ball while on the court, too. Some of the new items that have been added include pompadours and Rambaa (not Rambo) suits. The skills include a one-handed tap dunk for players level 16 and above, as well as a flip dunk for players over level 31.

Some other small features have also been implemented, such as forfeiting a match, or avoiding specific teams during the match-up sessions. You can learn more about the new update, the character and the skills by paying a visit to the Official FreeStyle Street Basketball Website.

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