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GAMDIAS is launching a gaming keyboard and mouse combo called the Ares Essential and Ourea Optical. The new combo is designed to help give gamers an edge on the battlefield and a quick means of taking down opponents without worrying about ghosting, response timing or key-locking messing up your game.

The Ares Essential keyboard comes with a four-layer backlit membrane structure to ensure that the keys don't wear-down and wear-out after being put through the grueling routine employed by most hardcore PC gamers.

A 19-key rollover is also present to prevent ghosting, so you don't have to worry about trying to press in a key combination and finding yourself completely locked out because your keyboard has ghosting problems (or the common limitation of only allowing one or two keys to be pressed simultaneously). The massive rollover from the Ares Essential frees up the ghosting hurdle that a lot of other standard keyboards suffer from. Of course, if you already have a gaming keyboard then this is nothing particularly new.

You can also turn on “Consecutive Mode” so that you can hold down a single button and have it consecutively spam an action. This is probably key for games where you're playing a character that needs to repeatedly perform an action with a short cool-down but you don't want to have to keep banging on the key, like League of Legends.

Like a lot of other gaming-boards out there, there's also an option to lift the keys off the board and exchange swap the 'W','A','S','D' keys for the directional arrow buttons. Supposedly this is to help left-handed gamers feel a bit more comfortable using the keyboard.

One of my favorite features is the Game Mode and All-Keys Lock Mode. You can use the All-Keys Lock mode to ensure that no one accidentally presses a button and unpauses or messes up your game, while the Game Mode function is perfect for those of us who get really intense into a match and then by mistake press the menu, Alt-Tab or the 'Windows' key. You have no idea how many matches I cost myself mistakenly pressing the 'Windows' key. Before getting a gaming-board, I downloaded a registry script to disable the 'Windows' key altogether because it became such a nuisance – especially during fast-paced FPS or TPS competitive multiplayer games. There's nothing worse than trying to get to the Alt, Ctrl or Shift key and you mistakenly brush the 'Windows' key. Epic fail.

As for Ourea gaming mouse, it comes with software to allow gamers to store up to six different profiles, macro assignments and “muscle memory achievements”. I have to be honest, I never use the macro software or profiles for controllers of any sorts unless I'm using a controller or pad or whatever for an unsupported game – but I'm sure a lot of gamers would love to dabble in the whole profile thing.

The mouse sports six smart keys that can actually be combined with keyboard functionality, enabling gamers to assign media controls, keyboard macro controls and even windows functions to the mouse. That's actually kind of cool... if I must say so myself.

The Ourea also has a 10 million click life-cycle and a polling rate that ranges from 125hz to 1mhz.

You can actually pre-order the GKC600 and Ourea for $44.99 from Newegg. I have to admit, that's actually a pretty good price for both of them together.

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