Portal blows my mind. It’s right up there with The Crossing and LittleBigPlanet as a game that I simply cannot wrap my puny human brain around. I get the concept of the game sure, but trying to imagine how to program something like that makes my head spin.

Good thing I’m not a game designer! My job is to know fun when I see it. And in Portal I see it. It’s simply an amazing innovation from our friendly neighbors at Valve that becomes ever more than the gimmick it started out as each time we see it. In the video below we get a taste of how Portal will carry itself as a game and as an adventure. The puzzles are rather simple as this is one of the first areas the player enters. Still, it lays the groundwork and gets your brain pumping, thinking about the crazy stuff they’re going to throw at you by game’s end.

Portal’s set up basically pits the player with one obstacle after another. Get into a room, get yourself out and into the next one – rinse and repeat. This type of format is perfect for implementing downloadable content. If the creators are inclined, this could be a game that survives long after its release through downloadable content packs.

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