GMod Kickstarter Lets You Install, Manage Mods For All Your Games

Not to be confused with the popular niche sandbox game, Garry's Mod, GMod from Olympus Games isn't actually a game but product and asset management software application. In simple terms, it lets you download, install and play mods from all across the internet for any and all of your moddable games.

It's an ambitious project with the aim of making modding more mainstream and easy-to-use. It definitely makes 1,000% of sense, especially after a lot of gamers see things like Iron Man battling it out in a zombie apocalypse in GTA IV and continually beg and plead to find out how to make their game the same way. With GMod the process of finding and installing mods for your favorite games becomes as easy as a hop, skip and a few contextual button presses.

The promise of the project is that further down the road they would like to make GMod your go-to modding solution for every game on the market and not just for PC, but also for Linux, Mac and even OUYA. I certainly like their uninhibited ambition for the project.

In a way they're running in competition with Steam's Workshop, but the scope is much larger and since GMod would be dedicated to modding you wouldn't have to worry about Valve adding Workshop support for your favorite game. It could definitely be a nice companion app for those who don't want to go through the brain-surgery-style complications involved with installing mods for games like Arma. I love DayZ but hot dang was installing that mod a complicated mess if you weren't using the SixShooter installer.

You can learn more about GMod, which ironically will also support Garry's Mod, by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.