Good Old Games wants to provide more than just classic PC titles that some of us continually bring up in conversations when comparing what a quality is supposed to be like. In fact, they want to start providing newer, triple-A releases at flat rates and completely DRM-free throughout 2012 and beyond.

Speaking to investors and journalists, Managing Director at Guillaume Rambourg, stated that…
We've been profitable since our first month, and the fact that we've come from nowhere to bring over a million classic gamers to our website every month and over six million games downloaded proves that gamers want an alternative to the usual digital distributors. We want to continue this growth, and we have a plan for this: more than 400 products in our catalog by the end of 2012, combined with new partners, more franchises, and continued improvements to make a better website will help us achieve this goal.

They want indie and large studios to reach out and they will be reaching out, too. Extending their portfolio of games is as top a priority as ensuring that the content they provide is top-notch at fair prices. Most importantly, GOG caters their games to PC gamers, not pirates. That means that they offer their titles without DRM.

The company plans to extend their catalog exponentially following the success of The Witcher 2 and they seem to be inadvertently stepping into the same yard as Valve’s Steam and EA’s Origin, respectively.

I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on Good Old Games to see if they turn to the corporate politics like EA to swindle consumers into their bosom, or if they’ll keep it clean the way they always have. Only time will time.

You can learn more about Good Old Games by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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