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What would John Marston, the hero of Red Dead Redemption, look like if he was dropped into the world of Grand Theft Auto V? The folks over at GTA Series Videos may have the answer, putting together a pretty clever tribute to the beloved Western-themed game.

It’s hard to believe, but Red Dead Redemption is celebrating its fifth birthday today and, despite the fact that the game sold well and was highly praised by critics and fans alike, a sequel has never seen the light of day.

Instead, we’re left with fond memories of riding off into the sunset, robbing trains and exploring a world that vastly different from GTA V’s Vinewood, but just as dangerous.

< a href=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=080ijiR-rKM&feature=youtu.be>GTA Series Videos has decided to turn those memories into a fun homage to the last-gen action game, which you can check out for yourself in the clip above. In the video, we see a modern take on Marston exploring GTA V locations that are reminiscent of those in Red Dead, as well as taking part in various unsavory activities. He rides a motorcycle into a train robbery, for instance, and goes on a quest for revenge as a man out of time.

According to the video description, the whole thing was put together on the Rockstar Editor using the “Modern-ish John Marston Mod” for the PC version of GTA V. It’s a pretty nifty take on the character and only goes to show that, half a decade later, many fans are still eager to step back into that world of horses and six shooters.

I know it’s a kind of bizarre statement, but Red Dead Redemption is my favorite Grand Theft Auto game. While < a href=http://www.cinemablend.com/games/GTA-5-Music-Video-Contest-Begins-71867.html>GTA is certainly a one-of-a-kind series, I’ve done my fair share of shooting, driving and causing chaos in a modern setting across multiple games and genres. What made Red Dead so special is that it took those familiar activities and plugged them into a setting that we only see pop up rarely in games.

Red Dead Redemption also offered a more focused adventure. Your motivations were straightforward and support (or opposition) came from a cast of colorful characters. While the map was big, it wasn’t as dense, meaning you had time to just enjoy the ride across the prairie rather than be distracted every 15 feet. There were quite a few ways to kill time outside of the main story, but nothing ever asked you to stray too far from the path of a man seeking redemption and, ultimately, vengeance.

To make things even better, Rockstar goes ahead and tacks on some of the best cooperative and competitive multiplayer they’ve ever created, as well as a nightmare-fueled DLC bundle that was just as entertaining (and far more insane) than the game proper.

So why am I ranting about all of this? Because I desperately want a sequel to Red Dead Redemption. Come on, Rockstar, you’ve made us wait long enough. Bring on Red Dead Revolution!
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