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A new video has surfaced of the latest efforts in the modding scene for GTA V, which is moving along very slowly but surely. Hayssam Keilany, the graphics engineer behind the popular iCEnhancer mod for GTA games – based on the ENB shader mods by Boris Vorontsov – has a new pre-alpha of the mod that a few gamers have tested.

You can check out the video below from popular GTA mod-exhibitor taltigolt.

According to the YouTube description provided by taltigolt...
This is amazing this is a [pre-alpha] of [iCEnhancer] that i got to help with testing bug testing etc etc, this mod removes the ugly fog in the game it also makes water reflection better and colors better well judge for yourself.

Previously, Hayssam Keilany was a bit frustrated with GTA V because modding the game was a lot more difficult than GTA IV, but he had already commented on his Facebook page that he would be returning to the mod scene to work his shader magic on GTA V. The big difference between the two is that GTA IV allowed users to easily access the game files without requiring any third-party software to actually edit them outside of a general text editor... yes, even Notepad could be used to make vast modifications in GTA games. It's not like that in GTA V, the entire game is locked down tight and all the files that modders would usually be able to use to alter the graphics are encrypted.

With all of that said, the video above shows the limitations of Keilany not being able to fully dive into the game files of GTA V. Many of the commenters on YouTube claim that they can't even see a difference in the game and that this pre-alpha version of the iCEnhancer doesn't really enhance the game.

It's a fair argument because when you see the iCEnhancer in action above the only thing you can note is that the fog is gone and that the colors appear to pop a bit more. That's about it.

Better shadows, reflections, dither, depth of field and light rays are still a ways off.

It's at least good that modders are still hard at work on GTA V despite the hurdles of trying to overcome the modding restrictions in place. And while Rockstar is a-okay with single-player mods being present in the game, as reported on Forbes.

There's no actual time-stamp on when we'll actually see the awesome, super amazing mods that made GTA IV as cool as it was despite the piss-poor optimization. Once modders break through Rockstar's encryption process expect a deluge of news surrounding unbelievably cool mods and massive advancements from mods like Hayssam Keilany's iCEnhancer.

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