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Loved the music to that piss poor Tron sequel called Tron Legacy? Yeah, I loved the music, too. Did you like the colors, the art direction and the general visual aesthetic? Yeah, So did I. Well, do you like all the previous Tron stuff but you also like Grand Theft Auto? If you haven't guessed where this is going then your Logic 101 class failed you bad.

YouTube user quechus13 unleashed the mod a while back but it was sadly buried and unappreciated due to all those really awesome Iron Man mods and the whole big marketing campaign from Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto V.

Anyway, the Tron City mod turns Liberty City into an awesome neon-colored playground of Daft Punk-inspired goodness. The inclusion of the music just only helps round out the kind of awesome one might expect from a GTA if only we could get a decent publisher and developer to make an open-world Tron game for real. That would be awesome.

The video above gives you a nice look at what you could be experiencing right now in your own copy of Grand Theft Auto IV...this is considering you're either bored or uninterested in the Back to the Future mods or the Star Wars conversions.

Well, hopefully this bit of news is gives you a breather and break from all that dire travesty surrounding a certain console and its not-so-consumer friendly features. Long live the PC Master Race?

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