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Special early entrants will be accepted into the closed beta of Gaia Online’s zOMG! The online mmo will have 500 Golden Tickets available for applicants to participate in the beta before everyone and their casual relative floods the new zOMG!

“We know users are anxious to get in and play, and we’re firing on all cylinders to ensure our servers can meet the incredible demand,” said David Georgeson, Senior Producer of zOMG! at Gaia Online. “We’re squeezing Gaians in as quickly as possible, but are 100% dedicated to delivering on our vision of a beautiful, immersive and entertaining casual MMO for players of all persuasions.”

It’s interesting that casual gamers were so intense into the new zOMG!, that they actually piled into Comic-Con and the Anime Expo just to try to take part in the Golden Ticket extravaganza. That’s not to mention everyone who tried getting into the closed beta online. “We received over 120,000 applications for the Closed Beta from our virtual world community, but obviously couldn’t let them all in,” said Craig Sherman, CEO of Gaia Online.

The zOMG! es expected to go live once the Golden Ticket holders have helped with the closed beta testing, in which case senior Gaia members will be given priority in joining the new zOMG! experience. You can visit the Official zOMG! Website for more information and details. And remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news and info on the latest games.

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