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New Game Allows Players To Shoot Babies

PaciFire is a game where you shoot babies. 

No, you don't have a gun that shoots out babies. You don't take photos of babies. Wow, that'd be boring. It's a game where you play as a baby but are also a baby. Thanks, Kotaku

PaciFire is a first-person shooter where you take up the mantle of a baby who goes after other rugrats for multiplayer mayhem. And yes, as you probably already imagined, it's on Kickstarter

Someone decided that having you play as a baby with baby powder grenades, a baby bottle shotgun, and colorful infantile setpieces would be a novel way to approach a multiplayer arena game, but after viewing the trailer it becomes abundantly clear that this tech demo is taking too many cues from the "awesome" brand of game design so many other developers are falling into these days. Dubstep trailer? Check. "Nerd glasses?" Check. Neon environments? Double check. 

I get where the game's coming from, I really do. It's a novel concept because you don't typically see baby character models in shooters. But the babies themselves are much more like miniature adults, or just a palette swap for literally anything else you could think of, like a vampire or an alien or one of dozens of other beings to swap in and say you did something different. 

PaciFire, as it stands, obviously needs a lot of work, and that's why Ooc Studios needs $50,000 to make it a reality. If it's funded, hopefully some more work goes into it other than making it adhere to the "oh wow, it's a lot of babies shooting babies!" crowd. It could be positioned as the next Nerf ArenaBlast, a game it looks very much like (hello, Unreal Engine!), but I know exactly where it's going. 

The snipe on the Kickstarter page where the developers explain how the competitive play system in PaciFire works ("Consider this your invite to a game that actually takes skill and where those who are a high level are actually good at the game!") makes it clear that this is meant to be a Call of Duty alternative: "Oh, haha, people who play normal shooters obviously aren't skilled, haha!" You know, that sort. You can lose levels in PaciFire apparently, with a negative K/D ratio that takes you down further in-game. Of course, since it's a PC game, I'm sure users will find a way around that. 

But it's an interesting try, even if does look like what amounts to a new skin over an existing generic team deathmatch with a different engine. Make the babies behave like babies and make it stand out, and then we'll talk. Right now it's best to be looked at as a novelty and nothing else, at least at first glance.