A new gameplay trailer was released for the upcoming strategy game from Paradox Interactive, A Game of Dwarves. One of the comments best described the trailer as a cool, underground version of the upcoming game, Castle Story. Realistically, after watching both trailers, it does appear as if A Game of Dwarves is an underground rendition of Castle Story.

For those of you who don't remember, Castle Story is a strategy game that sees players building up fortresses and altering the environment while trying to keep their little, uh -- whatever those things are -- safe.

In A Game of Dwarves it's still the objective of the player to keep their little dwarves safe while simultaneously expanding the underground caverns and abodes of the dwarven people. You can get a full glimpse of what the game has to offer in the trailer below.

This reminds me a little bit of Lemmings and The Sims...or more accurately, Dwarf Fortress. The idea is pretty simple enough and gamers who like to control things and build things will get to control dwarves and build dwarven decor. It's all really simple and the best part about it is that the game can be played within the confines of a browser.

You can learn more or look for the beta to start soon by visiting the Official Game of Dwarves Website.

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