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The new DLC for Paradox Interactive's A Game of Dwarves focuses on the sci-fi elements of subterranean mining. In fact, the DLC for the strategy-based mining game is called “Star Dwarves” and it gives your miniature miners a wealth of sci-fi furnishings, gadgets, gizmos and tools. There are also a few space monsters to contend with, too.

The press release is pretty hilarious, detailing some of the new content...
Star Dwarves adds new props, new enemy, and new dwarves to A Game of Dwarves, from sci-fi-inspired generators, holographic statues, and spiffy captain’s chairs to untold horrors like the Beardprober – a monster who studies beards in the worst way imaginable.

New classes have also been implemented to help combat the evils from space, including the new red-shirt military class, the elite knight and the melee fighter. The DLC is currently available right now for only $4.99.

A Game of Dwarves is a throwback to classic dungeon-sieging gameplay where players aimed to explore and expand their empire in the darkest reaches of cavernous and dangerous territories. You can pick up the game right now from digital distributors from across various trusted and well-known outlets around the web.