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The popularity of Arabic Rappelz is really soaring in the Middel-Eastern and North African territories and Game Power 7 has announced that new servers are being opened to accommodate the ever-increasing player base.

Fadi Mujahid, CEO of Game Power 7 commented in the press release, saying…
"Arabic Rappelz community is robust and growing strong which has necessitated us making more room for our players," …"We are excited about the launch of the new server, and the accompanying events will be a great way to celebrate as our players explore the new server."

The server is named after the rarest and most popular pet in the game, the Dragon. The new PvP server is currently active and special events, contests and in-game experience boosts are being held to help get players started off on the right foot. Need more info on Arabic Rappelz and the new PvP server? Be sure to visit the

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