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A huge assortment of content and events have been planned for Valkyrie Sky, the arcade-style MMO shooter. GameKiss announced four major updates and two major events happening for the game.

The first update is more of a technical re-specification patch; it enables the game to work smoother and better for gamers with low-end PCs or a slower network connection. Always thinking of the little guy, eh GameKiss?

The second update is all about pets. Players will be able to acquire brand new pets and can recover their pets much easier with the Scroll of Recovery.

The third update is another technical update, making it where players who use the Skill Reset scroll will no longer lose job classification benefits or status.

The last update removes the coin limitation during boss battles and players can retrieve as many coins as possible before the stage ends.

For a complete listing of the new events running throughout the month of June, be sure to visit the Official Website. And Valkyrie Sky is a free-to-play MMO, so there’s no harm in checking it out.

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