Chris Olivera, the former vice president of corporate communications and public affairs for Gamestop, has plead guilty to embezzlement charges. Over the course of two years, he stole nearly $2 million from the gaming retail chain.

In his position, Olivera acted as a public spokesperson for GameStop. In July 2009, he enlisted a company called Cloud Communications LLC to help with PR work. This would have been fine, except for one little detail: Cloud Communications wasn't a real company.

Instead, Olivera had created the company along with a fake boss ("Jennifer Miller"). He began billing GameStop for work that this nonexistent agency was supposedly doing for the company, and then depositing the checks in his own personal account. This went on until April 2011, when GameStop became suspicious. The company called in Federal investigators, who then figured out Olivera's scam.

Olivera has admitted guilt for one count of mail fraud. The maximum sentence for the crime is 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He'll obviously have to return all of the money he swindled from the company as well.

GameStop did not comment on the indictment or guilty plea. However, they did tell Kotaku that they had fired Olivera last year and cooperated with the federal investigation.

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