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Games Done Quick Is Raising Money For Cancer Prevention, See How You Can Help

The annual Awesome Games Done Quick is currently raising money for various causes and preventative measures to help with diseases and illnesses. They raise money through speedruns, where gamers play through their favorite titles as fast as possible. For those who enjoy watching the speedruns, there's a way to join in on the charity action and help contribute to the cause.

From January 3rd through January 10th, 2016, the AGDQ is raising money through the Twitch live-stream of various high-profile games and lesser known titles from popular speedrunners from within the speedrunning community. Over on the official website they have the live-stream and donation information up.

There's a giant “Donate Now” button over on the main page that will take you to the AGDQ donation page. The process is pretty simple and there's even an opportunity to donate enough to be eligible to win some cool prizes. For instance, there's a minimum $5 donation that can be put toward the charity, and you can even input a custom message that may be read live during the Twitch stream. The more you donate the higher your chances are of being eligible for better prizes.

Donating $20 will give you an opportunity to grab an AGDQ 2016 banner. Donating $50 will grant you eligibility to walk away with a custom Mad Catz Street Fighter V 'Chun-Li' Arcade Fightstick TE2 for the PlayStation 4, while alternatively the $50 could earn you Legend of Zelda: Major's Mask for the 3DS. $75 enters you for eligibility for a No Fear Pinball Machine.

Donations are sent to the Prevent Cancer foundation. As of Monday evening, January 4, it looks like the campaign has raised more than $184,000.

There have been a number of games that have already gotten the speedrun treatment, from The Legend of Zelda to Shovel Knight to Resident Evil to Mario Kart 8.

Games both new and old are eligible for live-streaming during AGDQ, including titles that seem like they might take forever to complete, like Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX. In fact, it's kind of shocking that they would have speedruns of games that usually take anywhere between eight and 20 hours to complete.

Other games that are part of the event includes Resident Evil HD Remaster and even Final Fantasy IV. Yeah, there are some serious hardcore games being featured at this year's event.

Heck, even popular PC games have made the cut, including Valve's Half-Life 2 and Diablo.

Not all of the games are ancient, though. They do have speedruns up of more recent titles, including Bloodborne, the PlayStation 4 exclusive that released during the early half of 2015. They actually have a complete schedule up of each of the titles that will be featured during the event, which will run all week long. You can check out the full AGDQ 2016 schedule over on the official Games Done Quick website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.