It’s Gamescom week, meaning it’s time for the world of video games to turn its eyes toward Europe in order to get the latest and greatest news about upcoming adventures in the virtual world. In celebration of the festivities, Capital Games and Steam have partnered to offer a “Games From Paris” collection, compiling 17 games made in the city of love sold at discounted prices.

With Gamescom set to kick off shortly, most gamers are more interested in the latest news and announcements surrounding games that haven’t even come out yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get equally excited about some older titles, especially if they’ve been discounted by up to 75 percent off.

And that’s exactly what’s going down with the latest promotion being offered by Capital Games and Steam. The Games From Paris sale runs from today through Aug. 25 and offers deep discounts on nearly 20 games, including the likes of Remember Me, Puddle, Game of Thrones and the more recently released Mars: War Logs.

“This initiative from Capital and Steam will put under the light the dynamism and quality of the studios based in the Parisian region, that have offered for many years, cult titles praised by the players and the press,” reads the promotion’s announcement. Developers involved in the promotion include the likes of DontNod, Eugene Systems, Nadeo, Spiders and Cyanide.

And now, let’s talk about those games featured in the Games From Paris celebration. First up is Dungeon Party, which just so happens to be free-to-play. Discounted by 40 percent will be Remember Me and Storm. If you’re looking to save 50 percent, you can do so on games like The Cursed Crusade, Wargame: AirLand Battle, Dungeonbowl: Ultimate Edition, Mars: War Logs, Another World, ShootMania Storm, Trackmania 2 Stadium, Trackmania 2 Canyon and Cities XL Platinum. Finally, Puddle will be 70 percent off with Game of Thrones, Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, Stellar Impact and Of Orcs and Men discounted by 75 percent.

To get any of these games at their respective discounts, simply head on over to Steam and get to buying.

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