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Remember Games Campus free-to-play MMO flight simulator, Heroes in the Sky? Well, probably not. The game seemed to have come and gone without much flinching going on in the gaming community. Nevertheless, Gamigo has announced that Europeans and North American gamers will be able to take to the skies once again as Heroes in the Sky will re-launch beginning in March.

As stated in the press release…
Heroes in the Sky is set in World War II and will enthrall new players with more than 500 quests and edge-of-your-seat dogfights in which up to 32 period-authentic planes engage in combat against each other.

There are over 120 different planes from the era, complete with customization options, decals, upgrades and a robust crafting and scavenging feature where players can recover parts from downed enemies to enhance their own plane.

A complete list of the game’s features can be viewed below. Gamers willing to sign up and start their career as an Axis or Allied forces can do so over at the Official Website.

Features at a glance:

• Fast-paced air combat

• High-impact PvE

• Relive epic WWII battles

• Up to 16 vs. 16 players

• Historically-accurate WWII-era planes

• Extensive plane customization

• Elaborate skill tree

• Raids

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