Sega and Cinema Blend (known around these parts as Gaming Blend) have teamed up to offer gamers some free goodies when they sign up for the Godsrule beta. Registering for the game through the special Gaming Blend web-link will grant you access to 300 special orbs when you log-in. So who wants in?

Godsrule is the latest MMOG from Gogogic and Sega that pits players against ancient evils while managing an empire and fighting to control the world's resources. It's like combining Age of Empires with The Banner Saga.

You can play Godsrule from multiple devices, including at your desktop from home, at school (or work, you naughty, naughty gamers) via browser or from your mobile handset while on the go, including iPhones, iPads and everything else in between.

If you're looking for a good strategy, empire-building game with a colorful art-style and plenty of action to boot, you can grab a closer look at the game by hopping into the beta and getting a taste of the game before anyone else using the special promo registration page, courtesy of your hardcore gaming enthusiasts here at Gaming Blend.

The beta event is currently underway and will last for the next 10 days or so. You can check out Godsrule right now by registering with this Cinema Blend Registration Portal. Enjoy the free orbs and have fun!

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