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Facepunch Studios' Garry's Mod has sold 10 million digital copies since its release back in 2006. Over the course of a decade the series has managed to match sales with each year it's been on the market. This was revealed by creator of Garry's Mod, Garry Newman, who posted the news following the 10 millionth sale.

Gamespot took note of Newman's tweet, which reads as follows.

What a new year's present, eh?

The game is due for a sequel, but Newman didn't explain exactly what it will be called or when it will be released. Throughout the success of Garry's Mod over the past 10 years, the company has worked on another game called Rust. It's a fairly popular sandbox survival game that was made in a similar vein to Bohemia Interactive's DayZ.

The big difference between Rust and DayZ is that the game starts you off stark naked and forces you to survive against the wilderness and other players. Originally it had zombies and guns, just like DayZ, but the game slowly morphed into its own identity over the years.

Garry's Mod on the other hand was always a wild ride. The game is not necessarily a game but a sandbox that allows players to create whatever they want and import models, game modes, weapons, objects and levels from all sorts of other games. The only limitation is that of the Source Engine, but otherwise players can create and modify the contents of the sandbox in any way that they see fit. This means you can import weapons from Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty. You can import player models from games and anime, such as Hatsune Miku or Dragon Ball Z, and you can play game modes such as capture the flag, team deathmatch, or hide and seek.

Due to the nature of Garry's Mod players and modders have come up with even more unique modes for the title, including GMod Tower, which is like a cross between Nintendo Land and Mario Party, or Prop Hunt, or go-karting just like Mario Kart.

Garry's Mod has suffered from a lot of poorly implemented updates that have caused hundreds (or thousands) of mods to break per each update, but the game has finally stabilized. Part of the reason why Garry Newman and the rest of the Facepunch Studios crew are looking to make a new sequel is to finally get over the hurdle of the Source Engine. If they can successfully manage that task (possibly using the free-to-use Source 2?) then the sequel to Garry's Mod could be monumental. Heck, it could even easily surpass the 10 million sales of the original.

In the meantime, gamers will have to sit back and wait for any future updates from the company as they iron out what they have planned for the next game. The only thing I would love to see from a sequel is better optimized physics options and larger stages. Of course, those are limitations of the Source Engine and Hammer, so if they can include those two things I think a lot of people will be happy campers.
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