Poor Gas Guzzlers: Extreme. This is one of those really awesome games where no matter how much people talk about it, it's just one of those games that will always be relegated to sleeper hit status. That's not necessarily bad, though.

On the upside, Iceberg Interactive, the publishers behind Gas Guzzlers: Extreme, are discounting the game by up to 60% for the entire week in favor of celebrating Croation game development.

The sale sees Gas Guzzlers: Extreme being made available for only $9.99 right now on Steam, and it will last from March 10th (today) all the way up to March 17th, next Monday.

If the game doesn't seem all that enticing, perhaps a game video or two will win you over?

For more, the game was a blast and I had very little of anything negative to say about Gas Guzzlers: Extreme. It's a budget priced game with acceptable graphics, worthwhile gameplay and the potential to have a robust multiplayer component if people just played the game. The career mode definitely had a lot of content and plenty to unlock and mess around with, providing hours of playability and replayability... something that's rarely found in the triple-A sector these days.

Even with positive word of mouth from someone like TotalBiscuit wasn't quite enough to win over a mass following for the game. And sadly, the gaming media was too busy infusing some unneeded hate onto the Wii U and some unneeded excuses for the Xbox One to pay nary any attention to this hidden gem of 2013.

You can customize your vehicle, add various liveries to the cars, modify the weapon loadouts, partake in deathmatch arena battles, capture the flag modes or go full-throttle in the combat races.

There's hope this game might find its audience... there's hope that Gamepire's hard work will pay off in the long run of things. Perhaps, this Steam sale will help boost a bit of recognition for the game and raise its profile by a piston or two?

But Gas Guzzlers: Extreme isn't the only game being discounted by Iceberg Interactive this week. Joining the metal-and-guns racing game is Starpoint Gemini 2, which is currently in Early Access on Steam. This game is discounted down to 33% off the original asking price and is available for only $15.40.

I haven't played Starpoint Gemini 2 so I have no idea if it's worth the risk in joining the Early Access program. Of course, you should also be made aware that refunds aren't available on Steam for purchasing Early Access games... so it's a risk you'll have to wage on your own.

You can grab Gas Guzzlers: Extreme right now from the Steam Store for $60 off. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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