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While the topic of same-sex marriage seems like it has no place or purpose within the confines of a kid-friendly MMORPG, the world of MMO gaming was changed when it was publicly announced that Dream of Mirror Online would include same-sex marriage options for players. Other MMOs offer similar features but without the actual wedding process.

Well, the topic was hotly debated a few months ago when we interviewed the Project Manager for Tales of Pirates, Neil Chan, and it was revealed that Top was not going to include the option and that it had no place in the game.

In an upcoming interview we had with Chan, it was revealed that some measure of progress is being made and that the topic is still being debated. According to Chan…
” TOP is a huge game that is played in countries that span the globe, so it makes sense that so many players from so many different places would have a variety of feelings on the subject.”

Neil went on to say…
”Here at TOP we don’t discourage discussion of the subject, in fact since the story broke we’ve been actively encouraging our players to share their feelings and opinions about it. Since we put out the call for our players to weigh in and help us decide, the debate has been split almost 50/50, and the debate is just heating up...”

The deadlock on the subject matter in Tales of Pirates seems to mirror how gay marriage in real life is in the same kind of deadlock. Even without the authorities in place people are still split on the topic.

Nevertheless, you can learn more about Tales of Pirates by visiting the Official Website. And you can look for the full interview with Neil Chan to run soon here at Blend Games.