Gearbox Software was once approached by Activision to make a Call of Duty game. However, as Gearbox president Randy Pitchford explained in a new interview, the opportunity wasn't a good fit for them.

"I just didn't see what there was left to accomplish. For me, there are two scenarios for which a Gearbox project makes sense," Pitchford told Krawall. "First, when the game just wouldn't have existed without us. Or second, when we could offer something new for an existing brand, a unique perspective or a new start."

Pitchford added that creating a Call of Duty game "wouldn't really be that motivating" for the studio. They wouldn't be able to build the game however they wanted. Instead, they'd have to conform to the rules and expectations of the series.

Furthermore, Gearbox has their own military shooter series, Brother in Arms. They'd prefer to make a new Brothers game rather than COD. It makes sense: after all, they own Brothers and have much more freedom in designing those games.

Gearbox clarified to IGN that there was no official offer from Activision regarding COD. Nonetheless, it's an interesting "what if?" of gaming history. What could the brains behind Borderlands have done to improve Call of Duty?

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