MetaTIX has Thanksgiving giveaways in both Monato Espirit, the classic MMORPG, and BattleSwarm, the Gears of War meets Starship Troopers MMO. You don’t need specials and giveaways to make BattleSwarm a fun game, though.

If you log-in and play Monato Espirit from November 26th to November 29th you’ll receive Turkey Wings and a Pilgrim's Hat, which both help to boost HP / MP recovery time during rest. All you have to do is…log in.

For BattleSwarm, the awesome MMOTPS, players will receive a free rhino-unit when playing as a bug commander. There is also an Alienware M15x laptop giveaway going on just by registering to play the game.

BattleSwarm recently went into open-beta and the gameplay basically pits humans versus alien bugs and mixes in real-time, third-person shooting combat for the humans and RTS-style commanding when playing as a bug. Also, gamers don't have to wait for Dizzel or Project E to localize for North American gamers to get in some Gears of War-esque MMO gaming.

You can check out both games and receive the Thanksgiving giveaways by visiting the Official Monato Espirit Website or dropping by the Official BattleSwarm Website.

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