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Flying Carpet Games is working on a new project, indie of course, that puts players in the role of two very distinct characters... a girl and a robot. The name of the game? The Girl and the Robot. The debut pre-alpha trailer is a charming bit of fanfare that seems to echo the intrigue and adventure from games like ICO, Papo & Yo and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

The game takes cues from pop-cultural media icons like The Iron Giant and Journey Into the West, which was recently re-imagined as Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, where a young kid must befriend an unlikely companion in order to escape from the clutches of evil.

Players will assume the role of a young girl captured by an evil queen in her robot-guarded castle. Players will encounter a defective robot that they will need to use to help them escape. The platform puzzle-adventure takes cues from games like the ones aforementioned, combining elements of third-person combat with platforming and scenario-based puzzle mechanics.

The game has a very airy charm about it that could help it become a sleeper hit assuming that some light story elements and the rest of the game comes together in a cohesive and entertaining way.

I know the game is also early on in development, but it would be pretty cool if the developers took the opportunity to mess around with certain screen filters so that the game has a very distinctive look – as opposed to aiming for a certain kind of graphics fidelity, just having a very poignant visual flair could be enough to really help set the game apart from everything else, in addition to already being a fairly unique title.

Nevertheless, the game is being designed to have a sort of hand-painted feel like the classic fairytales. The character designs really do look reminiscent of something from the older Disney flicks. I wonder, though, if the SJWs will attack the game considering that players are actually in the role of the damsel in distress or if they will praise it for the role reversal? Given the knee-jerk reactions from today's overly sensitive society, I suppose it could go either way.

I personally really like the infusion of combat, platforming and multiple character control. It's kind of long overdo with playing as multiple characters in games and it's nice to see an indie dev taking up the mantle and doing something with it.

The game is still heavy under development by Flying Carpet Games, but we'll keep you posted on additional information and news as it becomes available. You can visit the official website to learn more about The Girl and the Robot.

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