The upcoming, non-targeting MMORPG Gloria Victis received a brand new trailer featuring the game's real-time combat. The trailer takes place during a public tournament in front of the king, but don't go in expecting The Witcher style swordsman ship skills, these guys are just fighting to put some food on the table.

Combat has become an interesting topic as of late in the gaming industry. It's one of the few things that has seen proper upgrades over the years in a number of different genres, with many companies settling for quick-time events to compensate for actual combat (i.e., Saints Row: The Third, Uncharted, etc.,) while other, smaller, more ambitious games have taken to procedural combat like Sui Generis.

Somewhere in between lies games like Gloria Victis, where the combat certainly isn't quick-time oriented, but it's not quite procedural either, check it out below.

Pre-alpha...that's what I'm reminded of after watching that.

The game still needs more fixing-up and polishing, but the concept at least seems to be in place, especially with the idea participating in open-world tournaments. It could be cool.

Gloria Victis is similar to the Elder Scrolls, with massive open-world environments to explore and a low-fantasy theme where the culture and atmosphere revolves around a slightly more realistic European medieval setting.

Even if the game does hit its Kickstarter goal, I do wonder about how well Gloria Victis will do in the marketplace against so many other emerging titles within the genre?

You can learn more about Gloria Victis by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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