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Midnight City has announced that the four-player split-screen, online or lonely-solo racer that combines aerial flying with kart-style racing has officially gone live on Steam's Early Access. Krautscape is an indie funded game that made its way through Steam's Greenlight. Even though it was recently added to Steam's store , unfortunately it won't show up in the new release section because it appears Valve has been doing some spring cleaning.

One of the biggest complaints from gamers (and pundits alike) is that Steam needed to fix up the way they handle store presentation and new release curation. It looks like the company quickly took that advice to heart, because new releases no longer contain things like Early Access games. For shame.

As you can see, Krautscape should have been up there between Prime World and Bardbarian, since it just launched on the eve of April 1st.

This is a bit disheartening because once I got the e-mail from Midnight City saying that Krautscape had become available on Early Access, I instantly purchased a copy for my account. One thing I noticed, though, is that the game did not appear in the new releases section. Had I not received the press release from Midnight City, I never would have known the game launched in Early Access. For shame.

Krautscape is an awesome looking game and I'll definitely check it out later, but it's a little disheartening to know that Early Access games will now be relegated to their own section... somehwere on Steam. If you want to check the game out, you can do so by paying a visit to the official Early Access page. Krautscape is available right now for only $7.99. When the game leaves its EA phase it will be made available for $9.99

But Krautscape isn't the only new game taking Steam by storm (or rather, lightly raining down in a section that isn't on the main page). Goat Simulator has also launched. I will admit that I withheld my wallet, despite the fact that the game is one of the most ridiculous pieces of interactive media ever released for the general public's consumption.

Goat Simulator is an over-the-top, sandbox goat simulator. Technically, it's not really a simulator, but it is the sort of thing that trolls, bored kids, adults with too much time on their hands and people who enjoy doing the sorts of things that most people would frown upon if it were done in real life, will get a real kick out of because it's all legal in Goat Simulator.

The game has garnered its own cult following in some gaming communities, and it's easy to see why once you get a view of the launch of the trailer or the original pre-release promotional trailer – both of which go out of their way to force giggles, snickers and flat out laughter from the audience.

You can grab Goat Simulator right now from Steam's store for only $9.99. Unlike Krautscape, Coffee Stain Studios' sandbox goat simulator actually is on the front page of Steam, so if you didn't know that the game was available, you know now.

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