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Some people just aren’t satisfied with kicking butt and taking names. No, some people have to elicit a sense of accomplishment when it comes to pedantic skills or agriculture. Well, for gamers who wish to advance their cultural skills beyond sword wielding and monster bashing, GodsWar Online is allowing them to do so with four new professions.

As stated in the press release…
Even in times of war, there’s more to life in GodsWar Online than combat. Players who want to learn a craft can choose from four professions: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Mythcrafting and Scholarship. Though characters may only learn one of these at a time, players can later decide to start fresh by unlearning their current profession. Whether you want to make potions, gear for mounts, clothing, or other useful items, the profession system has something for everyone.

Players can also unlearn stuff, just the same as unlearning things in real life. The only difference is that instead taking up pot smoking or alcoholism, gamers will simply consult with the profession master and seek to unlearn the skill. Of course, a new profession can be learned by simply picking up a new skillbook from the desried profession master.

You can check out all the details regarding the new crafting system for GodsWar Online by visiting the Official Website.

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