Tis the season to buy presents. Thankfully, there’s no rule saying that some of those presents can’t be for yourself, especially if said presents are on the cheap. I give you: Gog’s “Pick 5 and Pay $10” sale.

Not to be outdone by Steam’s Autumn Sale, digital gaming platform Gog is also offering shoppers a crack at some great holiday gaming at a fraction of the regular price.

Technically, Gog is promoting the Pick 5 for $10 sale as a Black Friday deal, but they decided to kick the festivities off nice and early to give everyone more time to choose which games they would like to receive for two bucks a pop. According to the promotion’s countdown clock, however, you still have five days to make your purchasing decisions. At this point, it’s hard to justify Gog’s latest offerings being even remotely connected to Black Friday but, at these prices, I’m not exactly in the mood to argue.

To get in on all of the excitement, just head on over to Gog’s
Pick 5 for $10 page, sign in, select your five games and pay your ten dollars. A total of 20 games have been included in the promotion, and here they are now:

-To the Moon
-Gemini Rue
-Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
-Blackwell Bundle
-Uplink: Hacker Elite
-Geneforge 1-5
-Mechanarium: Collector’s Edition
-Mutant Mudds
-Anomaly: Warzone earth
-The Ball

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