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Next week Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will turn 10 years old. Rockstar Games will be celebrating this milestone by releasing Android and iOS versions of the sandbox game.

Vice City takes place in the late 1980's in a metropolis modeled after Miami. Tommy Vercetti, a mobster from Liberty City, moves to VC and quickly establishes himself in the criminal underground there. Through a variety of unsavory acts, the player rises to become a major crime boss.

The game was released about a year after GTA 3 so it wasn't hugely different in terms of gameplay. There were some nice additions, though. Players were able to drive helicopters, motorcycles and fully-functional airplanes for the first time in the series. Furthermore, they could buy properties throughout the city and do new side missions related to them.

Rockstar didn't say much about the mobile version of Vice City. Expect high-res graphics and several "unique enhancements," though. Hopefully the controls are a bit tighter than the mobile version of GTA3.

Additionally, Rockstar plans to release commemorative assets related to Vice City. These will include a new anniversary trailer and never-before-seen art from the game's development. Limited supplies of Vice City collectibles will be on sale through Rockstar Games Warehouse as well.