Rockstar will release Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on mobile devices for the first time next week. The sandbox game turned 10 years old this fall, a milestone celebrated in a new trailer.

Vice City is set in a fictionalized version of Miami sometime in the mid-1980's. Tommy Vercetti, a recently paroled gangster, moves from Liberty City to Vice City. Over the course of the game, he rises from simple thug to crime lord. Players will clash with local gangs and the police as they build their criminal empire.

The 10th Anniversary Edition for iOS and Android includes updated character models and lighting. The targeting and firing systems from the original game has been enhanced as well. The game will also support Retina display devices.

The game will make its iOS and Android debut on December 6th. If you're interested in buying it, check the list of supported devices. The price hasn't been announced, but the mobile version of GTA III costs $4.99 so expect to pay something comparable.

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