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Grapple Knight Is Like The MegaMan Game Capcom Refuses To Make

Red Knight Games has launched their latest side-scrolling 16-bit era-style platforming game on Steam's Greenlight. The cool part about the game is that it's basically like a new MegaMan game without any of the Capcom trolling antics.

While the big blue bomber fans were disappointed with MegaMan's near child-molester antics in Street Fighter X Tekken, they were furious with the cancellation of other titles for Capcom's former mascot, leaving Megaman fans high and dry.

Well, Red Knight Games is aiming to fulfill the void with their own take on the side-scrolling, hack-and-slash, grapple-based action game and it's called Grapple Knight. Check it out below.

Players will assume the role of Jouren as they battle twisted creatures and aim to rid the land of evil, classic 1980s style. You don't need much more plot than that, otherwise you'll be heading into Christopher Nolan territory, and that is not representative of the 1980s at all.

Now if the game crawled up inside your nostalgia, ravaged it like a pitbull humping a terrier and then cuddled it like Macaulay Culkin spending a night with Michael Jackson, then don't hesitate to support Red Knight Games. They need your help to bring this game to the Steam Store so that you can pay money for it.

Now if you're done letting Michael Jackson get busy with your nostalgia, head on over to the official Steam Greenlight page and upvote this game for MegaMan, it's the least he deserves.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.