The newest weekly sale from Humble Bundle Inc. offers four titles from Gratuitous Space Battles studio Positech Games. You can get these games for as little as one cent from now until next Thursday.

In Gratuitous Space Battles, players must defeat a fleet of enemy ships. The game isn't a test of your ability to command your fleet or, say, pilot a ship. Instead, your success or failure is entirely based on how you've set up your fleet before the battle. You have to choose what ships to use in battle and where to position them. You can also design ships for these battles by choosing from different hulls, weapons and modules. By expending as few resources as possible in battle, you'll earn a currency called honor that can then be used to buy new ship parts or unlock alien races.

Gratuitous Tank Battles takes the same formula and sets it in an alternate version of World War I that has lasted centuries. Players take on the role of attacker or defender in a series of top-down battles with turrets, mechs, tanks and other units. Players can design their own units once again and share them with other players. The game also includes a map editor so that players can share challenges with each other.

The third game in the bundle, Kudos 2, is much less violent. It's a turn-based life simulator in which you guide a player through their twenties. You'll choose their job, friends and hobbies. Only one or two things can be done per day so you have to carefully manage your time.

Positech explains the game a bit more on the official website: "Whereas The Sims plays like an arcade game, Kudos 2 gives you time to think carefully about all the decisions your character makes, from which people they associate with (your friends personalities rub off on you) to what TV they watch (news is educational, but depressing!), to what food they eat (alcohol boosts your confidence, but don't drink too much...)."

As mentioned earlier, you can pay as little as $.01 to unlock these games. However, paying more than $1 will earn you Steam keys in addition to DRM-free copies. If you pay more than the average customer (currently $3.04), you'll also receive Democracy 2. Democracy 2 allows you to become president or prime minister. You'll have to deal with a number of issues, including crime, unemployment and debt. The game simulates the desires and loyalties of all your countrymen and you'll have to keep them happy while also keeping the government funded.

Proceeds from the Positech Humble Weekly bundle will go towards Positech and Humble Bundle Inc. Some of the money will also go toward the American Red Cross and Barefoot College, a group dedicated to rural development in impoverished nations. You can decide exactly how much of your money will go to which party.

Humble Bundle Inc. began offering weekly deals back in March. Games offered through previous sales include Bastion and the Alan Wake series.

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