Guild Wars 2 finally launched in China recently and, to celebrate, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced a special “Festival of the Four Winds” event, a brand new update that brings back the fan-favorite Zephyrite festival. Like the Chinese launch, the Four Winds festival begins today.

“Players are invited to experience a new version of the Four Winds bazaar, as the Zephyrites return to battle-scarred Lion’s Arch and Queen Jennah launches an all-new Gauntlet and the Boss Blitz to help raise funds for the stricken city,” reads a statement from NCSOFT that I can only assume makes perfect sense to those who have played Guild Wars 2. Being a fantasy MMORPG, though, I think it’s a safe assumption that all of that basically means, “hey, there’s some new events, activities and fights for you to jump into!”

In celebration of today’s launch, the Festival now features some altered gameplay modes and aesthetic touches that draw inspiration from Chinese art and culture. Everyone will be able to take part in the festivities, from newcomers to old hands, making the Festival of the Four Winds a global online gaming event.

While Guild Wars 2 launched a few days ago in China (May 15, to be exact), this will makr the first bit of extended content players in the region will experience within the game. According to NCSOFT, this Four Winds festival will give Chines players their first taste of the evolving world of Guild Wars 2, a game that’s meant to feature a “living world” thanks to its frequent story-driven updates.

For those unfamiliar with the game, ArenaNet describes Guild Wars 2 as a “visually stunning MMO that offers players the epic grandeur of a massive role playing environment combined with innovative combat mechanics, dynamic events and customized personal storytelling.” The game was built to afford players the opportunity to play however they see fit, complete with a free-to-play business model that enhances play rather than hinders those who choose not to fork over a bunch of dough.

For those interested in learning more about the game and taking part in the Festival of the Four Winds, visit the Guild Wars 2 official website.

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