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Guild Wars 2 Consortium Trailer Profiles Sleazy Corporation

The Secret of Southsun update for Guild Wars 2 centers around a shady company known as the Consortium. The Consortium is solely concerned with the bottom line and hopes to challenge the Black Lion Trading Company for trade supremacy.

Secret of Southsun begins in the aftermath of GW2's Flame and Frost event. Refugees from the Molten Alliance's invasion were offered resettlement in Southsun Cove by the Consortium. In exchange, they agreed to work for the company. It seemed like a fair deal but when the Molten Alliance was defeated, the refugees weren't allowed to leave Southsun.

The Consortium wants to turn Southsun Cove into a premier resort. Unfortunately, it's not as peaceful of a location as it seems. The wilderness is teeming with violent creatures that are becoming more and more aggressive. Players will join forces with Inspector Kiel and figure out what's making the wildlife so restless. In the process, they'll probably find out more about the Consortium and their motives.

The Southsun update went live this past Tuesday. The new story content is accompanied by a Crab Toss mini-game, as well as traps for World Vs. World play. You can read the patch notes at the official GW2 website.

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