Guild Wars 2's upcoming event Cutthroat Politics will give gamers a choice in shaping the world. They'll be able to vote on which character will fill the new vacancy on the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch.

The two candidates vying for the seat are Evon Gnashblade, owner of the Black Lion, and Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard. Both are currently trying to secure a contract with the merchants of Zephyr Sanctum in order to prove their worth.

As politicians are wont to do, Gnashblade and Kiel are both making big promises. If Gnashblade wins, he'll lower prices on Black Lion Keys for four weeks and also fund research of a new Fractals of the Mist dungeon called Fall of Abaddon. Kiel promises cheaper waypoint prices for four weeks and a Fractals dungeon called Thaumanova Reactor. Both candidates will institute a rotation of leisure activities like Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.

Players can show their support between July 23rd and August 5th by contributing Support Tokens and coins. These currencies can be earned through three new activities going live on the 23rd. In Southsun Survival, players duke it out using a bow and any other supplies they can scavenge. Aspect Arena, another PvP activity, allows players to wield different elemental powers. In the Candidates Trial Challenge, adventurers will be tasked with fighting waves of Aetherblade pirates. The longer the players last, the better the rewards.

Each of these activities offer rare rewards to players. Southsun Survival and Aspect Arena give you a chance at the Desert Rose and Zephyr Rucksack back items. The Candidates Trial has a chance to reward an Aetherized weapon. Supporting Gnashblade and Kiel through the Cutthroat Politics event will unlock a mini version of that character as a pet.

Last week, ArenaNet launched the Bazaar of Four Winds event for GW2. They plan to release new events for the game every two weeks.

If you're undecided between the two candidates, check out their campaign videos below.

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