Guild Wars 2 is currently in the midst of a celebration called Dragon Bash. This celebration will wrap up on Tuesday with an effigy lightning ceremony, set in a single-player instance called "Memories on the Pyre."

Dragon Bash kicked off on June 11th. This celebration is centered in the city of Lion's Arch. Players can compete in Dragon Ball matches or bett on Moa Races. Fireworks will go off every two hours this weekend. If you watch the whole show, you'll receive a festival helm called Horns of the Dragon. If you exit the city to journey through Tyria, you may find holographic monsters that will drop Dragon Coffers with special rewards.

The effigy lighting ceremony is scheduled for June 18th. Various dignitaries from throughout Tyria will send embassadors to Lion's Arch. While there, they'll set effigies of dragons aflame to symbolize their defeat. ArenaNet says that the ceremony will be "full of merriment and surprises."

On that same day, dragon effigies will be found throughout Tyria. By dancing next to them and then lighting the effigies aflame, you'll receive a temporary buff.

Dragon Bash is the latest in a series of in-game events in Guild Wars 2. Past events include Wintersday and Secret of Southsun Cove. On June 20th, ArenaNet will announce details on the next adventure awaiting players. Maybe the effigy ceremony will give us some hints as to this next event?

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