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When Guild Wars 2 was released, it was instantly known for what developer, ArenaNet, called, “A Living Story.” This meant that the narrative within the world of Guild Wars 2 would change and live even while players were logged out of their accounts. And it truly separated Guild Wars 2 from other MMORPG’s. With the start of the new year, ArenaNet has finally announced what can be expected for Guild Wars 2 in the first update of the new year.

According to Shack News, if you’re a fan of flying around the worlds of Guild Wars 2, the update will include a new feature that extends Gliding time. Along with extending the amount of time you can glide through the air, players will also be able to Glide in open-world maps and Central Tyria—as long as you’ve gained your Mastery ability.

If you hated battling the boss, The Shatterer, well unfortunately, things are about to get a little tougher. The difficulty for battling boss, The Shatterer, was elevated slightly to introduce more of a challenge. But because of the raised level of difficulty, ArenaNet has made the rewards for beating The Shatterer even sweeter. According to Shack News, rewards include a new Shatterer achievement category, more experience, a more extravagant rewards chest and a unique item for completing the Shatterer meta-achievement. Hey, if the boss is tougher, at least the rewards are greater.

ArenaNet is also introducing a new PvP mist champion, Tybalt Leftpaw, joins the Stronghold game mode. If you aren’t familiar with the Stronghold PvP game mode, it includes gameplay where you and your team must storm the other team’s stronghold and find their Lord and take him down. The Stronghold game mode wasn’t introduced to the Guild Wars universe until the release of the Guild Wars 2 expansion pack, Heart of Thorns, in October of last year.

ArenaNet also includes that another Lunar New Year event will be happening, along with a number of other updates. For 2016, Shack News says to expect to see a new season of the Living World narrative, a PvP league session and a new raid wing. The update will be applied next month.