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Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession Revealed

In a preview for 2011, PC Gamers slyly announced a new profession for the MMO Guild Wars 2. It's a knight-like character class known as the Guardian.

The screenshot in the PC Gamer preview shows a heavily-armored character armed with a sword and shield and surrounded by a blue aura. It's enough to get a general sense of what that profession will be all about. I assume the Guardian will be the equivalent of a paladin in other games: a defensively-oriented character with some magical abilities.

"Glad you’re excited," said ArenaNet community manager Regina Buenaobra on GW2 fan forums. "We’re excited as well. No need to kill your F5 keys over the weekend. We will have a full reveal of the guardian, along with all the goodies (pics, videos), next Thursday."

The Guardian is the fifth profession to be announced for the game. The previous announced professions were the Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger and Necromancer. The game will have eight in total.

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