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In your haste to start playing Guild Wars 2, you may not have chosen your character's hairstyle or facial features with the precision such a task requires. If so, today's news is for you: the in-game Black Lion Trading Company now sells items to allow you to re-customize your character's appearance.

The Self-Style Hair Kit allows you to redo your character's coiffure. The Makeover Kit, meanwhile, allows you to change all of their physical feature's. ArenaNet confirmed through Twitter that these kits don't add any new options, though. They're simply a way to re-style your character without restarting them altogether.

The Hair Kit and Makeover Kit cost 250 and 350 Gems, respectively. Gems are one of the in-game currencies in GW2. You can purchase them with gold you've earned in the game or with real-world money.

The kits might let you radically alter the appearance of your character, but they won't let you change its name. ArenaNet re-tweeted one player's thoughts on the matter: "Of course not. It's a makeover kit, not witness protection."

If you're having trouble locating the customization items at the Trading Company, consult the image below to see what they look like.