To celebrate the start of the holiday shopping season, ArenaNet has decided to offer their MMORPG Guild Wars 2 at a discount. For the next few days, the Digital Deluxe Edition will cost $20 less.

The Digital Deluxe Edition contains several in-game extras. Owners of the DD edition will be able to temporarily summon a Mistfire Wolf to assist in combat. A non-combat pet, the Rytlock Miniature, will provide more peaceful companionship. The Golem Banker lets you access your account storage from anywhere in the world for 5 days.

The bundle also includes a couple one-time use items. The Chalice of Glory provides you with bonus currency for PvP rewards. The Tome of Influence, meanwhile, helps your guild unlock special items such as vaults and emblems quicker.

Ordinarily, the Digital Deluxe Edition costs $79.99. The weekend discount, then, means that you're getting a free upgrade from the standard Digital Edition.

The discount is being offered through the official GW2 store. It'll be available until 12PM Pacific on November 26th.

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