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Guild Wars 2's newest monthly event will be commemorating the holiday season with gifts and lots of red ribbons. The Wintersday festivities will commence on all servers on Friday, December 14th.

Wintersday centers around a Santa Claus-like figure named Toymaker Tixx. This festive asuran will visit cities throughout Tyria on his airship/toy workshop. Eventually he'll arrive in Lion's Arch. Concept art for the event are below.

ArenaNet hasn't mentioned what exactly this event will mean for players. Presumably you can expect some holiday-themed minigames and quests. It also seems likely you'll get a free toy or two.

The Wintersday event will commence on December 14th and run until January 3rd. This will be the third monthly event for GW2, following November's Lost Shores and October's Shadow of the Mad King.