We know it's tough to be away from your virtual arsenal in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, which is why it's nice that mobile series like Gun Club are around, giving our itchy trigger fingers a scratch while we're out on the go. Gun Club 3 is set to deploy this fall and, this time, there's some actual gameplay involved.

For those of you familiar with the Gun Club series, you wouldn't be faulted for wondering why a mobile app is being included on a gaming website. Well, that's because the upcoming Gun Club 3 is going to feature actual gameplay mechanics, allowing players to actually shoot AT something rather than just hold down the trigger and smile and the pretty sounds the app makes.

In case that's a little to obtuse, here's a visual representation of what I'm talking about. First we'll take a gander at Gun Club 2, which only really allows you to load the guns and then hold down on the trigger.

Pretty basic stuff, but that hasn't stopped more than 15 million people from downloading Gun Club 2 and the original Gun Club to date. Now we'll take a look at The Binary Mill's first trailer for Gun Club 3, which actually lets players take the boomsticks out for a test drive.

Now you see what I mean? Along with ogling the lovely death dealers, now players can take them out on a variety of shooting ranges and unleash their fury. Players will be tested on speed and accuracy and also be able to compete in two-player duels. There's even leaderboards to climb to the top of and a slew of Achievements to unlock.

Due out this Fall for Android and coming to iOS shortly after, Gun Club 3 finally turns an amusing app into a bona fide mobile game. And just like the previous games, it'll be free of charge and constantly updated with new content.

“Our team has been using skill-based sport shooting as a key point-of-reference for this release, along the lines of Olympic events, professional competitions and shooting ranges,” said Director Ingmar Lak. “Having refined the simulation accuracy and mechanics of Gun Club over the past few years, we know the millions of users have wanted an arena for gauging their abilities. And they can now take this to the next step, testing their skills against other players.”

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