If shooting aliens with a bit of old school flair sounds like your idea of a good time, then you might want to prep your iDevice for the arrival of Gun Commando later this month.

Coming from Abstraction Games and Ripstone Publishing, Gun Commando began its life as a PlayStation Mobile title in late January, bringing retro run-and-gun blasting to PlayStation Certified devices like the PlayStation Vita. While the Vita had a pair of analog sticks and buttons to rely on for all of that FPS action, iOS devices will have to fall back on strictly touch controls which, I’ve been told, are pretty solid for this particular game.

The premise is simple: Aliens have invaded and it’s your job as a retired monster blaster to gear up, head into the urban warzones and kill them all. You’ll be able to run, dodge and shoot your way through 24 levels featuring loads of baddies and even the occasional boss fight.

While the gameplay and aesthetics of Gun Commando are strictly classic FPS fare, its gun upgrade system is pretty clever. Landing sequential shots upgrades your gun to a bigger, badder version of its former self, meaning you’ll want to stay as accurate as possible while plowing through the parking garages and office building swarming with alien scum.

An official iOS release date and price point has not been announced beyond “coming this April,” but Gun Commando goes for about three bucks on PlayStaiton Mobile, so that’s likely a safe bet for this new release.

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