GunSwords, the online strategy game that equips its players with, you guessed it, guns and swords, is set to kick off a series of “Beta Bash” events this week, featuring events that reward players with extra experience and goodies, as well as special presentations from the game’s developers.

GunSowrds is currently in open beta, giving players a chance to duke it out in a unique turn-based arena where strategy and a cool head usually mean the difference between victory and defeat. To celebrate the ongoing beta, the developers at One Button Studio are hosting a series of Beta Bash events every Thursday and Sunday, starting this week.

According to a statement from One Button, the events will be home to new community-building activities and in-game rewards including double GP and Tin. There will also be a weekly Dev Challenge stream on Twitch, as well as live Q&A sessions with the people working on the game.

The first Bash will begin at 9 a.m. (Pacific) this Thursday, Feb. 14. The first Twitch stream and Q&A will take place every Sunday from 3-5 p.m. (Pacific).

“Now that GunSwords has hit open beta, it’s important that we’re bringing the community together,” said One Button CEO Dmitry Mikhalev. “These events provide everyone with a great opportunity to battle new players, give direct feedback or just get to know us as developers.”

For more information about the Beta Bash events or to check out GunSwords for yourself, visit the game's official website.

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