With a game called GunSwords, you go in with a pretty good idea of what's on offer: Guns and swords. In this turn-based strategy battle game from One Button Studio, players will duke it out on a hex-grid battlefield to determine the victor. In order to get everything ship shape for the official launch, everyone is now invited to check out GunSwords as it heads into beta.

GunSwords will be free-to-play when it finally launches but, for now, the game is going into beta to iron out all of the kinks before officially being unleashed upon the masses. In the game, players make a squad using Swordsmen, Gunners and Mages, each equipped with their own special gear and abilities. Once you've decked out your squad in your favorite gear, it's time to do battle with fellow players in a turn-based showdown.

“Today is a very exciting day for One Button Studio with the launch of our first free-to-play online game in beta,” said One Button CEO Dmitry Mikhalev. “Our team has dedicated countless hours of hard work to the development of this game, and we hope that fans of the TBS (turn-based strategy) genre enjoy playing GunSwords as much as we have enjoyed creating, designing and testing it.”

Speaking of testing, that's where you gamers come in. For more information about GunSwords or to jump into the beta, head on over to the official website.

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