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Guncraft Open Beta Ends On April 30th

Have you ever wanted to take the Minecraft experience to the urban jungle? Maybe grab a few friends and lay the explosive smack down on opponents by parachuting onto a high-rise and blowing the living crap out of each floor in order to get to the enemy? Well, you might enjoy a little something-something called Guncraft.

Reverb announced today that the voxel-based shooting game that lets you build just as much as you destroy, will be bringing the open-beta phase of testing to a close on April 30th. This means that only those who pre-ordered the game will be able to continue to play-test after April 30th. However, those who pick up a copy of the game right now will gain exclusive access to additional “Survival Pack” content that includes a beta survivor gun, a beta survivor melee weapon and a beta survivor character skin.

If combining Minecraft with Battlefield is your idea of fun – including planes, jeeps, tanks and helicopters – then Guncraft might be a game worth checking out. It'll launch at the $14.99 price point, which is budget enough, and you can learn more over at the Official Website.

For those of you who would rather have the game added to your Steam Collection, you can give Exato Games' an favorite and an upvote over on Steam's Greenlight, to help get Guncraft on to the Steam Store.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.