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The persistent PVE or single-player mode for the highly regaled Guns of Icarus has been fully funded on Kickstarter. It's a mode that has many gamers excited as it props players to venture throughout a fictional world using customizable airships while you and your crew fend off, fight, engage and travel throughout a noir steampunk environment.

Guns of Icarus started as an indie browser-based experiment that garnered quite the acclaim. The game was a beautifully rendered action-strategy title running on the Unity Engine. Gamers were tasked with taking out rival pirates and air buccaneers while keeping their airship in working order. The game gained enough support in order to become a competitive PVP online game that saw players working tirelessly together in multiplayer bouts. It was cool and fun and tactically overwhelming in a good way. Those of you who played Allods Online and experienced the Astral segments would be right at home with the game.

Well, Muse Games has evolved, moved up and moved on to include one of the more highly sought after features for Guns of Icarus, the persistent adventure mode.

The PVE mode allows players to barter, pirate, explore and, well, adventure throughout the vast game world. The mode adds factions, guilds, various towns scattered throughout the world and a potential dynamic and fluctuating economy. Just writing about it makes my thoughts drool with anticipation and excitement.

Muse has some extremely ambitious plans for the title and even though they didn't completely meet all their stretch goals, they'll continue to add in content and features as the game's community grows and expands.

I'm terribly excited for this feature and I've always liked the Guns of Icarus. You can learn more by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page. You can also check out a walkthrough of how the game is played in this in-game video below.

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