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A new promotional video was released showing off a quick match from the upcoming crowd-sourced, MMO, Guns of Icarus Online. The game features teams of four manning a gun-ship and taking on various quests in a massive post-apocalyptic, steam-punk world.

The latest video is short and sweet and follows a small team of air-ship raiders patrolling the skies and doing battle with other aerial warriors. Things seem like they're going good at first but then they take a turn for the worst when the engineers fail do their job properly. Check it out below.

I especially liked that at the end while they're blasting down on that other ship the entire thing just explodes into a million pieces. That whole segment looked extraordinarily fantastic.

Even more than that, the game lends a good deal of its intensity to the team-work centric mechanics of having the captain use evasive and tactical maneuvers, while gunners strategically fire off appropriate shots at select targets, and engineers work fast and furious to keep the whole thing running smoothly. It's almost identical to the air-ship encounters in Allods Online. The biggest different between the two games is that Allods allows for more crew members and Guns of Icarus is a much more intimate affair.

You can learn more about the game from Muse Games by paying a visit to the Official Website.